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Marcus Mariota’s 8 Keys to Success In School

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During October 2020, the Motiv8 Foundation held the #Motiv8Month Giveaway. Motiv8 wanted to see and hear what our community was doing to “motiv8” both themselves and the ones around them. Winners were randomly selected and announced on October 30th, Marcus’s birthday!

We are so grateful for all of you who participated in and uplifted those who were a part of #Motiv8Month. It was our hope to spread light and inspiration by highlighting how others are staying motiv8’ed. We all experience adversity at different levels and different times in our lives but our response and action to hard times is what helps us grow. The Motiv8 Foundation appreciates all of your support as we try to provide opportunities for others to follow and pursue their dreams.

For the full list of our winners and their stories, check out our Recent events page!

Marcus Mariota's Motiv8 Foundation has been helping underserved communities since 2016

“The goal and mission of Motiv8 is exactly what our name says – to motivate young people to dream big through education and athletics.”