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October 30, 2020 / EVENTS

#motiv8month 2020

During October 2020, the Motiv8 Foundation held the #Motiv8Month Giveaway. Motiv8 wanted to see and hear what our community was doing to “motiv8” both themselves and the ones around them. Winners were randomly selected and announced on October 30th, Marcus’s birthday!

We are so grateful for all of you who participated in and uplifted those who were a part of #Motiv8Month. It was our hope to spread light and inspiration by highlighting how others are staying motiv8’ed. We all experience adversity at different levels and different times in our lives but our response and action to hard times is what helps us grow. The Motiv8 Foundation appreciates all of your support as we try to provide opportunities for others to follow and pursue their dreams. Here is a list of our winners and their stories:

Week 1 winner and recipient of Marcus’ surprise birthday giveaway was Michela Haywood. Michela started a foundation to honor her daughter’s last wish which was to help other local families affected by DIPG. Her fighting spirit in her final weeks in the hospital were nothing short of fierce. This inspired the naming of Kaylan Strong’s Fight Like A Warrior Foundation, whose mission is to “raise awareness for DIPG and to help ‘Ohana on all our Islands of Hawaii with DIPG & Pediatric Brain Cancer by serving as a community.

Our week 2 #Motiv8Month winner was Hunter Smith. An undersized football player who let his work ethic and determination outsize what some thought were limiting physical attributes. His relentless pursuit to playing division 1 college football earned him a roster spot on University of North Carolina’s team. This triumph taught him that we can all accomplish our dreams regardless of how many people tell us that they’re “impossible.”

Our week 3 winner was Brenda Umulap, one of seven women who started a non-profit in Salem, OR called Salem Angels. This non-profit benefits children and families in the foster case system through intentional giving, relationship building and mentor ship. “Helping others is how I #motiv8 myself and those around me!” -Brenda

Our final giveaway winner for #Motiv8Month was a cheerleader from Sacred Hearts Academy in Hawai’i, Jacelyn. Her cousin’s fight to overcome brain cancer twice, inspires her to be a better person and athlete every day. His perseverance taught her that anything is possible!



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