The Motiv8 Team


Marcus Mariota

Alana Deppe-Mariota

Toa Mariota

Board of Advisors

Jerry J. Correa
Saint Francis Healthcare
Jerry is CEO of St. Francis Healthcare Systems of Hawaii.  He was born in Lihue, Kauai and a graduate of St. Louis High School.

Rick Chong
Albert Chong Associates
Rick is President of Albert Chong Associates, Inc.  He is a graduate of St. Louis High School and was Marcus’ soccer coach with the Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club.  He was also the one who gave Marcus the number 8.

Lulu Lulu, Jr.
Maryknoll School
Lulu is a Science Educator at Maryknoll Schools. He was Marcus’ AP Bio teacher and Kairos.

Motiv8 Staff

Ed Nishioka

Kari Liebertz
Operations Manager

Kiyomi Mariota
Social Media Director