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Motiv8 Supports ALS Awareness

Motiv8 Foundation coordinated a youth art contest to be part of an awareness and fundraising campaign for Neurodegenerative Disease Awareness (ALS Therapy Development Institute).

Motiv8 worked with King’s Way Christian School in Vancouver, Washington. The school’s art program ran a contest that 60 students entered leading to 5 finalists who were able to put their design to Marcus’ game shoe and worn during the My Cleats My Cause game.

Watch: Marcus Mariota to wear cleats designed by King’s Way students

Read: Marcus Mariota Wears All 5 of KW Designed Cleats!

Our inspiration for raising money for ALS Research is Marcus and Motiv8 close friend Osiel Mendoza. Osiel is a fighter and been battling ther disease for almost four years. Osiel was on the field for the MyCleats MyCause game last year.

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The contest/program was very successful in raising awareness for ALS. The game shoes are now being made available to you. Proceeds from the sale of each shoe will go directly to furthering the cause of ALS Research.

100% of all proceeds will go towards ALS Research and Awareness

We are doing a buy it now price of $888 (lucky number)!

Price includes framed poster documenting MyCleats Event, certificate of authenticity along with actual letter of inspiration by the artist.

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Shoe Design: “Abigail”
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Shoe Design: “Aurora”
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Shoe Design: “Seth”
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Shoe Design: “Olive”


SOLD! Thank you for your support!

Shoe Design: “Sarah”


SOLD! Thank you for your support!